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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: feared dead, the connection between a missing maryland teenager and a mutilated body just found hundreds of miles away. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. police are stilltrying to positively identified that body found in an upstale boston neighborhood, but tonight, signs indicate it could be a teenager who grew up here in maryland. suzanne colins is tracking the investigation that paps the east coast. suzanne? >> reporter: adam, delvonte tisdale moved to his father's home in north carolina but disappeared there earlier this week. now boston police believe they
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my have found his body. in a nice boston neighborhood, police make a gruesome discovery. the body of a black male on monday very mutilated. >> he's not normal law enforcement and at this time, we have no indication as to his identity. >> reporter: the body is found 22 hours after the father of delvonte tisdale reported him missing in charlotte, north carolina. the baltimore teen moved in with his father last year, but relatives tell charlotte reporters he'd run away several times since. >> of course, this is a quiet neighborhood, so we want to know what happened, you know? and i called somebody else and said i seen the kid's missing. they said that's why they called police. >> reporter: now police think the dead person in boston may be the 16-year-old tisdale. they found this piece of paper on the body with a what looks like a hall pass on what appears to be his name. the school says it uses passes
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like that. families say the teen may have hitched a ride trying to get to new york. >> it really makes you realize life can go fast truthfully. >> reporter: tisdale's brothers and sisters are discussing their graph on facebook but police warn they have not proven through dna that it is him. police in the boston area are looking for a white audi seen in the neighborhood where the body was found. adam, back to you. >> the teen was found shirtless without shoes and no i.d. on him. a scare for shoppers at towson town center tonight. take a look at this video into our newsroom. the bomb squad is investigating some suspicious devices near an entrance to nordstrom. they did take one man into custody and some restaurants were also shut down. it's unclear if all of this was connected. police have not said what the suspicious devices are and they
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are still open the scene at this hour. a bomb sniffing dog responds to interstate 95 where huge traffic delays were today. all lanes of 95 north and south were shut down near joppa. state police were checking out a bus after a passenger insisted on getting off. there were concerns he left suspicious items behind but police later determined there was no threat. it turns out, the man became suddenly ill and had to go to the hospital. right now, crews are trying to keep a transformer fire under control at a bge substation. officials are helping bge offload oil to cool it down. it is not affecting anyone's power just yet but if the fire does spread, it could become a problem. crews say they may need to stay for several days. crews are working to restore power in the federal hill area. 2,000 customers lost their power around light street.
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the outage has been going on for a couple of hours. we logged a message from bge and are awaiting information from them. baltimore city police are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting that happened steps away from a church that is currently trying to get guns off the streets. >> reporter: a triple shooting on the west side of baltimore leaves a 29-year-old male dead and two others hurt. just two blocks away, st. gregory's church istrying to make the streets safe. >> we're deeply concerned about the violence in our community and the city. er with all called to be peacemakers. etch has to take responsibility because the violence affects everyone. >> reporter: the church pays between $50 and $100 for each weapon. >> i bought it from a guy a long time ago. i would never use a gun. >> reporter: gerald was looking for this type of opportunity. >> i don't have to worry about no gun in my house anymore.
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it's gone. it feels real good. >> reporter: some question the effectiveness of the programs but church leaders say they've seen many real life examples collecting 200 guns in just the last two years. >> the last time we did this, a woman had 12 guns in her house. six were loaded and she had several small children in the house. so removing those guns really does make a difference. >> reporter: a similar motivation for velveeta thomas. >> if somebody breaks in, it might get in the hands of the wrong person. >> reporter: today alone, that church took in another 26 guns. as for that nearby shooting, police have not identified suspects or a motive at this time. he is staying silent. bob ehrlich once again refuses to comment in the investigation of robocalls sent to thousands of volters. and the former candidate for governor would not answer questions regarding those automated calls. they encouraged democrats to stay home from the polls on election night. political consultant julius
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henson admitted he was behind the whole thing and was employed by ehrlich's campaign. president obama and nato just announced a new time line for the end of u.s. combat operations in afghanistan. >> good afternoon, everyone. >> reporter: president obama announced an agreement reached with nato allies to gradually phase out combat operations in afghanistan. >> my goal is to make sure that by 2014 we have transitioned afghans are in the lead, and it is a goal to make sure that we are not still engaged in combat operations of the sort we're involved in now. >> reporter: president obama says it's likely the u.s. will have a training and support function beyond 2014. his remarks come after two days of meetings with nato and 28 countries. nature though has more than 150,000 troops in afghanistan and afreed to start turning
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over security to the country's military next year. the president also welcomes russian why's willingness to work with nato on a defense ministry. he stressed an increased partship with russian why and pressed for republicans back home to ratify a nuclear arms reduction agreement forged with moscow. the treaty has become a sticking point between the president and gop. >> there's no other reason not to do it than the fact that, you know, washington has since become a partisan place. >> the president also attended a european union meeting to discuss the economy, climate change and security before flying home to washington. today, president obama also announced that the next nato summit will be held in the u.s. in the year 2012. he did not specify which city yet. a scandal tonight in the nation's capitol. the assistant chief of police
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of washington d.c. has been placed on administrative leave for compromising a test during staff training. there is an internal investigation. grooms says she is sorry for what she calls bad judgment. a new beginning for dozens of baltimore children. tonight, they have new families following a special ceremony downtown. as gigi barnett explains it is national adoption day. >> reporter: her name from this day forward will be christina ni can. 0. la met prop list. congratulations. >> reporter: with a new name comes new families. today is national adoption day. >> some you'll talk to and they say, i'm getting adopted today and they are in their sunday best and so excited. >> reporter: parents are, too. debbie and joshua miller adopted lillian a couple of years ago from china. now after waiting a year and a half, it's jake's turn. >> it's a big deal. we felt like he was our son certainly when he came home but
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there's always that concern he wasn't legally ours, he was physically oursp. >> we find that the adoptive parents are fit and proper to adopt. >> reporter: with the judge's nod, each adoption becomes official. for all children no matter the age. >> this is like a great thing because i didn't think i would ever get adopted. i feel like this is a legal guardianship. >> reporter: national adoption day is always on or near the saturday just before thanksgiving. today 35 chirp in baltimore received new families. at the courthouse, i'm gigi barnett, wjz "eyewitness news." >> great day for those families. baltimore count yip and prince george's county hosted the adoption ceremonies today. it was an adoption of a different kind in baltimore as well. the adopted turkey event gives complete meals across the citypton was started by a baltimore father and his family 12 years ago. this year, they hope to help more than 17,000 people enjoy a good thanksgiving meal. yes, if you haven't planned your menu yet, that is right around the corner.
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we have a lot under to report minutes ahead on wjz including an unwanted breast exam. a flight attendant outraged with security. catholics and condoms. the pope's flip-flop regarding safe sex. and new threats against bristol palin on the set of a popular tv show. i'm mike schuh on the east side building more than just a garden on building patterson park. i'm tim williams in for bernadette woods. a little chilly now. how does the holiday week shape up? the answer in the complete updated first warning forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 45 degrees and partly cloud write in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up in a few minutes. a frustrating waiting game in new zealand. rescuers still can't reach 29 miners who are trapped. the explosion rocked the mine yesterday. rescuers are drilling a hole to make sure the air is safe for them to go in there. right now, it is too dangerous. they are also pumping fresh air into the mine to help the miners breathe. in florida, a family of four found dead inside the
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home. tallahassee police found the family dead. the home was described as a violent crime scene. neighbors say the womans with a stay at home mother raising her kids. new details in the disappearance of four people in ohio that captivated america's attention. new autopsy results reveal that tina herman, her 11-year-old son cody and her friend were all stabbed to death, cut up and then placed inside a hollow tree in a wildlife preserve. herman's 13-year-old daughter was found alive in a man's basement and tonight he is behind bars charged with kidnapping. a flight attendant says screeners went way too far when they forced her to show her prosthetic breast. kathy lost her right breast when she battled breast cancer three years ago. when the screeners patted her down, she says she got aggressive and she was forced to pull out her prosthetic breast. >> it was gist so horrific of
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an experience that it just blew my mind. i couldn't believe that someone had done that to me. >> a tsa spokesperson says agents are not supposed to remove any prosthetics but are allowed to ask and see them and ask to touch them. a scare on the set of one of tv's most popular shows. someone sent a white powder to the "dancing with the stars" studios. it was addressed to bristol palin. now they are looking for the person who mailed the threatening package. a stunning confession. a pastor who once criticized facebook for leading to infidelity says he had not been true to his wife. earlier this week, he gave church leaders an ultimatum to
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get off facebook or step down. he says he is leaving the site but not his job. the pope has a lot of people talking after a surprising change of heart. pope benedict now says it is okay to use condoms in some cases to prevent the spread of hiv. it is a shocking turn considering the pope blamed condoms at one time for making the aids crisis worse. the vatican has long been opposed to all forms of birth control. scamming the military. a houston company accused of potentially jeopardizing the health of u.s. troops will now pay $15 million in fines after admitting it sold expired food to military contractors. they bought the food at the deep discount because it was almost expired then changed the expiration dates right here and shipped that food off to our troops. a worker blew the whistle on the company and exposed the scam. they are called food deserts. they are urban areas like in baltimore city that are void of supermarkets and fresh produce. tonight mike schuh reports on a
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group trying to bring baltimore kids closer to healthy eating. >> reporter: if you think of patterson park as a wide open space to roam, you are only partially right. soon schoolkids will be responsible for this. >> we have corn, okra and tomatoes down here. we have eggplant, cauliflower. >> reporter: it's called a people's garden. >> plant the seed, watch it grow, harvest the fruits and vegetables and actually eat what they grow. >> this will be the foundation for an educational garden for local children and students where they would come here and they would learn where their food comes from. >> reporter: today they started by planting fruit trees around the perimeter all part of getting kids connected to the cycle of life. >> they are only spending five minutes a day on average in outdoor unstructured recreation. so we've got to get balance back and these farm initiatives are a great way to do that. >> this offers the opportunity
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to be reengaged with open space. if you look at this park from the sky, we are completely surrounded by bricks and concrete. this is literally an urban oasis. >> reporter: nextier when they harvest this, it will be sent over to the school and if there's any surplus it will go to shelters. mike schuh, wjz "eyewitness news." back to you on tv hill. while the fruit trees were planted today, the dirt beds won't be laid out until member. i guess it's still okay to plant mow. >> reporter: i heard to plan the tulips and things like that before the ground gets to cold. >> so do it quickly. >> the cold days will be here soon. >> they're already here. >> it's pretty chilly. the only place it's not chilly is where the ravens will be tomorrow. 70 degrees tomorrow. sunny and warm in charlotte. kickoff is at 1:00. you can see all of the action. we'll be talking about that in
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a moment. if you are planning on going south of the area, temperatures will be warmer than today. we're at 63, well above the average of 55. very close in the overnight hours to the normal temperature. we actually nailed it. 34 was the low this morning. that's where we typically bottom out in our averages. of course weep never got anywhere close to the record high or low 79 or 22. it is going to be another day of comfortable conditions, albeit a little chilly tomorrow before we start a warm-up for a short time. 45 now at bwi marshal. 70% relative humidity with a west-southwesterly wind. 30.31 is your barometer reading. 41 in cumberland. 44 in elkton. 42 down on the shore. temperature is 52 on the nation's capital where the wind is coming in from the northeast. the northeast flow is not uncommon for much of the area. likely because of this high pressure in control to our north and east.
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it is allowing for that flow to come in from the northeast. after that high eases off, it bill allow for more of a warmer air mass to settle in over the mid-atlantic. that will happen monday into tuesday. this is how it all shapes up. watching a slow moving cold front that will bring us cold are air and rain unfortunately just in time for the travel day for wednesday and thursday. we could see scattered showers as well. cooler air stays with us just for tomorrow, a very weak cold front moving through then mild air falls into place. we'll go up with temperatures into the 60s heading into the first part of the week. sunrise tomorrow is the 6:56. it looks like this tonight, getting down to 34 degrees much like last night. tomorrow going up to 51 degrees looking for sunshine with just a few patchy clouds. 62 and 65 about a chance of late day rain on tuesday lingering into wednesday. unfortunately, the travel day could be soggy 51 on thursday
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with scattered showers in the day in the 40s. >> thursday looks look a good day. coming up next in sports, the ravens ready to go against the panthers in carolina. we'll have good weather and tell us what else to expect coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪
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hello, everybody. among the major points of concern, the matchup at carolina. how will the offense start off in neutral, first or reverse against the panthers? they haven't have a single score in the first play the entire sea subpoena. >> we have plays down the field. we've got to be able to connect on them. when we have plays getting that run, we have to be able to do that. so they'll come. and i believe you'll see, you know, us starting to put the pedal to the metal because we
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have to. we have seven games left and can't hold anything back. >> this is the ravens being shown rate here on wjz tomorrow starting at 1:00 sharp. florida state, maryland, a game that's almost over finding the terps losing 22-16. they end the season next week when north carolina state comes through college park. in northeast baltimore, hampton visiting morgan state and the bears number 7. a d.c. native. watch him step on the gas. then he's gone about his business. from the ground level angle from the viewing pleasure to assistance from the jumbotron scoreboard. at halftime, the bears led 9-3. in the end, hampton escaped with a 21-16 victory. morgan finishes 4-7. meantime from annapolis, navy
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now 8-3 thanks in part to three rushing touchdowns and td pass from number 4, the quarterback. miss over visiting arkansas state. rickey's got 40 touchdowns over the last three seconds. that's a record for a running quarterback in successive seasons. he's all time for ncaa rushing quarterback. navy now plays army in the upcoming seattle bowl in san diego. high school playoffs following a self-destructing start, baltimore's dunbar with the final 32-12 in this quarterfinal matchup. now playing in town next week. >> this means a lot. so we're not taking this for granted. the only difference is we don't have to leave baltimore city. >> all right. here are other prep winners.
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mcdonough stops ham monday. -- stops hammond. mass core series. going for the weekend sweep in the series tomorrow for the sprint cup championship. still to come, a shopping cop and a missing statue. the half million dollar discovery that's coming up. ,, when i saw all the jobs disappearing, i knew i needed to find a better way to support my daughter. [ male announcer ] at age forty,
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a window shopping police officer ends up spotting the statue. a italian police officer was on vacation in new york when he saw the statue for sale. he thought it looked suspicious and he didn't have a good explanation where it came from. it turns out it was stolen from
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a museum in the 1980s. it's worth more than a half million dollars and now back where it belongs tonight. a dazzling display of gems. it's been cut and polished into this 49 gem as if that's not impressive enough, the emerald is surrounded by 16 karates of diamonds. the owner says he found it on a trip to south america. one of those splurge purchases i suppose. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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well, that's all we've got time for tonight. watch again beginning at 8:00 a.m. for everyone behind the camera, i'm adam may. thanks for watching "eyewitness


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